Friday, October 10, 2008

Window retreatment tutorial!

So there's a window treatment in our bathroom that has been bugging me for months. (I have lots of little projects that bug me, argh!!) I store-bought this one and it has always bothered me that it was so sheer. I decided to "retreat" this window treatment -- and I took pictures to show you how to do it too!

I make most of the window treatments in my home, as I've shown you here. I won't go on and on about how easy it is again, I'll spare you this time. Just trust me on this. This drape is similar to the one I did in my son's room.

I really believe that lining should be used on most window treatments. As you know, if you clicked above, sometimes you just simply don't need it. If there is a room that gets little natural light, it's just not necessary. But if the window does get a lot of light, you'll do your treatments an injustice because the beauty of the fabric is lost when the sun shines through it. If you have unlined drapes, have you noticed the difference in the way they look during the day compared to night? When they are backed with a good lining, the sun won't get through and you'll enjoy the true color and design of your drapery fabric ALL day.

Anyhoo, so back to the task. I loved this drapery but the color was being lost when the sun poured in every day. So I added some lining using my handy-dandy-can't-live-without-it hemming tape. Just in case you've forgotten this baby, here you go --

Ohh, I love you hemming tape! Kisses!!

First, cut your lining so it's a bit smaller than your fabric:

This took about 0.3 seconds (courtesy of the Boy):

I lined the back the easiest way possible -- laid down the lining and used the tape on the back:

There was a break in the fabric already, so I added trim with a hot glue gun along that line. Usually I use hemming tape for trim too, but this was pretty thick so the gun was the best option.

Then I added similar trim down the tie-ups that were already there:

Here's a little side note -- see how high the rod is hung?:

The window is fairly big on it's own but it never hurts to make it seem taller. ALWAYS place your drapes higher than the window. This is a decorator tip that really works. I'm not a stickler about it in rooms with soaring ceilings -- the goal when you use it is to make the ceiling appear higher. Our bathroom has huge ceilings so I didn't go too high.

Look at the difference already! No light pouring through! And beautiful fabric! Where did that come from??

Tie it up and fluff, fluff, fluff!!!

See how much prettier and fuller it is with lining?! Beee-uuu-tiful!!

Love love LOVE IT!! Total for this was about $8 for lining and about $12 in trim. It was worth it to me because now it looks custom. Retreat your own -- get some trim and hemming tape and you have everything else you need!


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