Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peanut butter bliss

OK, peeps – I don’t claim to be a fantastic cook or baker. I mean, there was the cake fail of last summer, ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’.

Well, even that one tasted good. I just looked all wrong. :)

But every once and awhile I open my recipe binder (it creaks and a cloud of dust poofs out) and find one I love and I just have to share. You will thank me. :)

I’ve made this “pie” for years, but for some reason it’s been a while since I last did. And now that we’ve had it again, I’m quite sure I’ll be making it weekly. Or so.

It’s SO easy. And insanely good. You will LOVE it. That is, if you like peanut butter. Or chocolate. Or sugar. Or for all that is GOOD – if you like anything YUMMY. Then, you will LOVE it.

You’ll need just a few ingredients:

3/4 c. confectioners sugar

6 oz. cream cheese

1/2 c. peanut butter

one container Cool Whip

2 tbsp. milk

graham cracker crust

I buy the crust ready made, and I add a little somethin’ extra by using a chocolate crust:

Aw. yeah.

It takes about five minutes to whip this baby up – first, mix the cream cheese and sugar:

Sorry, these pics were taken at night, spur of the moment. Not my best work. :)

Then mix in the peanut butter and milk:

I took the pictures in case you’ve never mixed anything in your life. :) Mr. Obvious, I know.

Then just fold in a container of Cool Whip (leave a little bit for later), plop it into crust, and resist the urge to eat it up with a (large) spoon:

Oh. em. gee. Isn’t it so fabulous and fluffy? Does anyone else love Cool Whip so much they could eat a whole container? Or, think they could eat the whole container? I wouldn’t know that first hand.

Or something.

Then comes the hardest part of the whole pie – you have to let it chill for a while. A few hours is best, but I can tell you from experience that one hour is just fine.  :)

After it’s chilled a bit, lather the pie with more cool whip. Then drizzle some chocolate over it, maybe sprinkle some peanuts, and you have one of the easiest, yummiest desserts EVER:

I am aware it looks like I had our four-year-old drizzle the chocolate. But only I can take credit for this beauty. I told you earlier I don’t do well with the whole presentation thing.  (Aqua and coral Fourth of July cake ring a bell?)

Anyhoo, who cares what it looks like? It’s FANTASTIC to eat. Whoooeee.

It’s called Jimmy Carter Peanut Butter Pie. I call it peanut butter heaven. Try it, love it. And don’t blame me when you eat the whole thing in 24 hours. :)

I’ll be back with a quick Christmas project tomorrow!

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