Monday, January 31, 2011

Hacker Help: Varde Base Cabinet into an Breakfast Bar Island

Materials: Varde Base Cabinet, Countertop TBD

I moved into a small apartment and am in need of more storage and counter space. I decided that a kitchen island with storage and 2 overhands would be best so it could double as my kitchen table and desk area.

I am planning on buying the Varde base cabinet: and installing a counter on top.

My question is, since the Verde is not attached to the floor, do you think it could withstand a countertop with an overhang on the back and right side? My concern is that if you are sitting on the long side of the bar that if you put pressure on the overhang that the unit would tip.

Also, do you think the material would make a difference, a lighter formica verse a granite when it comes to tipping?

Above is a rendering, ignore dimensions and drawers. Assume the cabinet/ base is the illusrates the overhangs.

Would love any help!


~ Keara, New York, NY


Hi Keara,
Here is a Varde kitchen island that may give you an idea of what is achieveable. Any input, anyone?

~ Jules

There was no line dancing…

opryland hotel

But there was beauty, everywhere you looked:

The Opryland Hotel is seriously one of the most magnificent places I have ever stayed. Absolutely gorgeous. And just like last year, I didn’t have nearly enough time to look around!

I only got night shots, and they’re still amazing:

There was plenty of goofing off:

I’m trying to bring Traci to the dark side…that would be giving up the sweet nectar that is soda. It’s not happening. But that’s why I love her! :)

We even fit in some thrifting:

Kate and Chris’s faces are the BEST. (We weren’t too sure about those chairs.) And no, that is not a beer in my hand, it’s a root beer. ;)

I got to meet the man who inspired us to change our lives, and our family tree:

Financial Peace Plaza

Thanks SO MUCH to Jen for having me along!! (More on that soon!)

But more than anything, there was a lot of smiling:

(Chris and me)

TONS of hugging:

(Marian and me)


(Lorie and me)

A LOT of laughter:

(Myra, Chris, Richella, me, Traci and Rhoda)

Making new friends:

(Shauna and Ashley, new friends; me and Layla, an “old” friend)

And generally having an absolutely fantastic time!!:

I reconnected with the friends I’ve already met over the past year, and I finally got to meet so many bloggers I knew were friends but I had never met in real life. It never ceases to amaze me how I can meet someone for the first time, yet it’s as if I’ve known them for years and YEARS.

It’s instant friendship and love and understanding, and I am so fortunate to call all of these women friends and coworkers. It overwhelms me. What a blessing blogging is.

To say we had a blast would be an understatement. :)

Cheers to all of you – bloggers who were friends before we knew we were. :)

(If we met and I didn’t mention you, I mean YOU too!!)

A special shout out to my roomies – Chris, Rhoda and Beth:


I already miss our late night talks!! :) You are a few of the loveliest, funniest, best women I know.

I got home from Nashville just in time for the storm of the century (echo, echo, echo)…ice, snow and wind for the next couple of days. This was our bedroom window one hour into it tonight:

That would be a sheet of ice. Thankyouverymuch.

We are warming up, hunkering down and planning on staying in for the next 24 hours, at least. I hope to get some projects started and a few finished since we’ll be stuck inside. Stay safe if you are facing the same!!

**Some photos borrowed from Beth and Kate! :)

Design Trends!

The final installment of my trip to Market was to look at the overall design trends for 2011.

We saw a lot of furniture that mimicked Tara Shaw Maison and Aidan Gray - some were more rustic like Restoration Hardware, some were more chippy and distressed. There were a variety of price points and quality. But if you are interested in this look you will be able to find it at any price. My only caution when shopping is to look at the finishes - some of these vendors are doing great work that looks authentic and others are not. I was very impressed with almost all the pieces from BLISS (above) - they were my favorite vendor for quality versus price.

We continued to see in almost every showroom neutrals and linens. This bedding ensemble from Legacy Linens was just beautiful.

But the one new element we noticed the most was the introduction of more organic and textural type materials. We saw more rattan, raw wood and specifically we saw a lot of driftwood/wood.

We saw wood made into sculptures like this wonderful horse -

And this large seahorse!

Pieces like this mirror were in several showrooms but Currey and Company seemed to have the best selection and the best quality.

Here it is with several lamps with wood bases.

This large mirror was just striking - and notice the chandelier in front.

They had several other interesting Chandeliers like this trellis style.

We fell in love with this standing lamp - we loved the texture and scale.

Their smaller lamps were also interesting. They had several styles like this ball lamp.

and the figure - we loved this one.

Over all we saw little departure from the past year - most vendors playing it safe and neutral with lots of gray, taupe and brown. It was a great trip and I came back even more inspired than before, with many new sources with quality products. I would be interested to hear how you all feel about seeing more of this look and your thoughts on trends for 2011.

(all photos Willow Decor not be copied without permission)

NYIGF 2011: A Few of My Favorite Things

While there was no new vendor at the NYIGF that knocked me off my feet, there were a lot of great new products and a lot fun colors.  The new backgammon table from oomph, above, is already a hot ticket item.  It doesn't come with a top but interior designer Elizabeth Bauer suggested covering it with a glass or clear plexi top so it can serve double duty as a dining table.  Don't forget that while all the vendors are wholesale, they will also sell to designers.  Just make sure to ask if there is a minimum.  You can usually find a list of retails stockists on their websites if you can't purchase directly.

Jonathan Adler colorful dresser.

This console from Lamshop comes in 16 colors and a few different sizes. 

Colorful tables at Bungalow 5.

Chelsea Textiles started with the Gustavian furniture and has branched out into mid-century and lacquered tables that I absolutely love!   

More colorful tables at Worlds Away.

Spring green at Bungalow 5.

Love this chair and pillows from Jonathan Adler.

Loved this seating arrangement at Festoni.

Fun pillows from Room Service.

Middle Kingdom is one of my all time favorite vendors!

The packaging is just as fabulous as the soaps from Claus Porto

Love the leather and ostrich mirrors at Made Goods.

It was winter outside but spring inside the Two's Company booth.

Chic designs at Waylande Gregory.

Always pretty pillows at Judy Ross.

Graphic print chairs from Seletti.

Patterned pillows from Dransfield & Ross.

Loved this artistic pillow from Dransfield & Ross.

More colorful vases from Middle Kingdom.

Liberty print and patterned pillows from Julian Mejia.

Natural Curiosities is my new favorite art booth. 

Love these Liberty print tissue holders from Julian Mejia.

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic