Monday, March 9, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Between the time change and a busy weekend, I got a late start Sunday but I decided to stop by the Antiques Garage on 25th Street anyway. The early bird may get the worm but the late bird gets the bargains! I found some really great things including a first edition of Colour in my Garden by Louise Beebe Wilder from 1918 with beautiful color plates of her garden, and large first editions of Van Gogh and the Paintings of Rembrandt for $5 each. They were actually from the booth were I found the fabulous Greek Key china but they were packing up early so they will be the first place I hit next week!

I love checking out all the costume jewelry and am always picking up long gold necklaces. The first one with the disks was only $10. Then I found another long gold chain necklace with two decorative accents on each side for $7. The chain is notched and matches the chain of a necklace I found at the Brooklyn Flea with turquoise disks. I also collect drip glaze pottery so I found a slightly ugly but pretty to me vase to add to my collection. It is marked 745 on the bottom and a little internet research revealed that it is a Brush-McCoy Pottery Onyx Bud Vase c. 1910-1930.

My favorite find was the Chinese blue and white lidded pot. I was told it was 19th-century and appears to be old but who knows if they were truthful. My research found that it is called a Kamcheng jar with lion dog (fu) finial and was used to store food. If anyone has any additional information, please feel free to share.

I went to the flea market to look for props for an up coming photo shoot and the Van Gogh and Rembrandt books will be perfect but it looks like I will have to go back next week to more objects for styling. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear all about it!


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