Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Using Ballard Designs as inspiration

I saw these beauties in the latest Ballard catalog the other night and fell. in. love. I wanted a ton of them to place throughout the house...and then I looked at the price and kinda blacked out for a bit.

The cheapest one is $50! The tallest one is up to $189! What WHAT?? (And it's only 18 inches tall!) So I started thinking and realized I could totally make these myself.

My best friend makes so much fun of me when I say this. She'll find the ca-utest something on Pottery Barn or wherever, and I'll go, "OH, I could totally make that for soooo much cheaper!"

She hates when I say that. Really.

But I did. I found these beauteous jars at Goodwill for $2.99 each:
Took some of this (sisal twine) I already had and my clear glue:
Brushed on the glue and wrapped the twine around the jars. These were the result!:
They found a home in our wine cabinet. This is a spot I've been reworking and trying to find wine themed accessories (that I like) is tough. The just look wine-y to me, so they will stay here. I'm going to be on the look out for similar jars to make more. I may even try an empty wine bottle. LOOOOVE them!!

What do you think -- cork or glass topper?

I found a couple other things in the catalog I'm going to try on my own too...cause you know I could make that soooo much cheaper!! (Don't hate!)


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