Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little bit of Spring!

I don't usually decorate too much for Easter/spring -- the sad thing is it's only because the colors don't "go" with my house. Sad, sad, sad. But that's how I roll. You know how I am with Kleenex boxes, so you shouldn't be surprised.

This year I decided I'm going to amp it up a bit. I saw these little whales birds over at Amanda's place (I thought they were whales when I first saw them and so did the cashier -- tilt your head to the right and look and you'll get it.):
Did you tilt your head? HA!! Told you!

Like always, I used my trusty spray adhesive, my x-acto knife and some fun scrapbook paper. Some of you have asked how I cut stuff out, so I took a pic:
I sanded down the edges a bit with a sanding block, drilled a hole for the ribbon and there you go!:
I chose springy colors mixed with some chocolate brown so they work with our house. I'm looking for the perfect Easter tree to hang them from with Easter eggs. I've only done these four so far, but 12 of them came in the package for only $1.99!!

Say it with me -- it's been a while -- CAAAUUUUUTE!!
So I had the best day last Thursday -- I finally met Beckie from Infarrantly Creative! (Creative is an understatement -- check her out. Her latest post is how to make GORG little storage containers for FREE.) We've talked about it for months now, and I spoke to her Mom's group a few weeks ago but she was sick! So we set it up and had a blast. The shopping near her is A-MAZING. I mean, serious. I felt like I had known her forever too -- we have freakishly similar opinions on a lot of things.

Best part is we actually managed to get a picture! Can you believe it?!

Thanks Beckie, let's do it again soon!

I did another quick project this weekend I can't wait to show you! Have a great Monday!


John Victor said...

Woooo I like that bird and this beautiful art just awoke me up.

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