Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cottage Chic

I saw photos of this cute little cottage on photographer Douglas Friedman's website and finally did a little investigating about it. Turns out that it belongs to Cove Landing (995 Lexington Avenue, 212-288-7597) co-owner Angus Wilkie and was featured on one of Martha Stewart's house tours. It was built in the early 19th-century and looks like the perfect kind of place to spend the long 4th of July holiday weekend. I also love that they left the glue covered plaster walls as they appeared after paper was removed from them. It's an interesting contrast to the collection of engravings and Biedermeier furniture. I think most people would have also bought the place and knocked it down to build a McMansion so it's also a testament to the keen eye and fabulous design sense of Angus Wilkie. As Marta would say, "it's a good thing." Enjoy!

Photos by Douglas Friedman


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