Friday, March 11, 2011

Lillangen bathroom remodel

Materials: Lillangen, Bjorken,

In my bathroom remodel, I used the Lillangen sink base and cut a sink top from birch plywood. I also used a Lillangen wall cabinet and turned it vertically and attached it below my countertop next to my sink base.

Both cabinets got ring pulls and a coat of turquoise paint on their fronts. I also used the Bjorken medicine cabinet, hanging it horizontally,and creating a solid front for it and painting and adding pulls to match the sink base.

You can see more about my hacks and bathroom renovation here on my blog.

~ christie


Stephanie De Groot said...

Youre Bathroom looks so much nicer now !! i did the same thing in my kitchen, just added some chairs called Stoel ridge rib and now it looks nice

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