Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Finds

Everyone keeps asking me about the Domino sale so here is the scoop. I got up early and my friend Lori and I cabbed it downtown and got on line at 9:00am. At that time the line wasn't too bad but I heard later that it wrapped around the block. We were met by Stefan Hurray who writes the blog Architect Design, his friend Eric, my friend Jessica and man about town this weekend, David Jimenez. Before the doors opened at 10:00am, we were told the upstairs floor had the more expensive items but decided to check it out anyway which is where I found the pair of Asian cups and saucers. It's hard to tell but they are gold rimmed and look old. I made sure they weren't something from Pearl River before I bought them and they have a very cool pattern in the middle that might be my inspiration for a future HC logo. I also bought a cropped black Chaiken jacket upstairs.

Chase Booth and his vintage megaphone announcing the rule for the Domino sale.

Downstairs was the free for all floor of madness! I think most people grabbed stuff and then decided if they wanted it. I snagged the painting in the gilt frame with linen mat above for $40. There were a lot of bolts of fabric, throw pillows and covers in addition to decorative items, books and lamps. David Jimenez snagged a great curtain panel that he's going to make into pillows. We also ran into Tori Mellott and got to catch up with her. It was a bit crazy and none of needed any of the things we bought but it was fun and now we have other reminders of Domino besides are coveted back issues of the magazine.

Waiting patiently in line. Thank goodness it wasn't raining!

After lunch, everyone dispersed so Stefan and I took a walk through the West Village where we stumbled on the Perry Street flea market. The Perry Street flea market is a sort of urban legend. You can never tell what weekend it will be there and you can't find any information online. What's really funny is that I was just about to tell Stefan about the my favorite Carstens drip glaze vase (model 550-16) I found at the Perry Street flea market a few years ago when I looked down and saw the same exact vase! I can't believe I found another one in the same place and I am very excited to have a matching pair! You just never know when it's going to be your lucky day!


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