Friday, March 12, 2010

Giveaway Weekend!

Well hello there! I’ve got another fantastic giveaway for you this weekend! Yippee! My advertiser Debbie is a Thirty-One consultant and was the first to make me aware of these fantastic products. I absolutely LOVE the bags and items at Thirty-One and I think you will too.

Thirty-One has a crazy good selection – not only bags and purses, but backpacks and baskets and coasters and adorable stationery, and, and, and… :)

I wanted to share a few cuties with you and then you can check them out yourself!

Because it’s actually been decent around these parts lately, I can feel spring coming!! These fun totes would work awesome for trips to the beach, the pool, a picnic, a barbeque, whatever! And you can get any of these items personalized:

newport1 Large Utility Tote. Item 3121.

It’s big and roomy and has a wipeable inner lining for the sunscreen that always pops open or that sippy that seems to leak all over the food and towels just as you get to the pool…can you tell I’ve been there? ;) Nothing worse than a sticky, hot beach bag. Uck.

Just look at the Pleated Top Beach Tote – all sassy and cute with that scarf!:

newport3Pleated Top Beach Tote. Item 3060
Coordinating Silk Scarf. Item 3012
Lime Strip Mini Zipper Pouch. Item 3013
Beach Towel. Item 3234

Thirty-One has some adorable items for kids as well. The Cinch Sac has a front zip pocket and drawstring top and is perfect for sleepovers or even to hold gear for sport practices, dance rehearsals, whatever!:

Cinch Sac 14.5" x 19" (flat)
Item 3031

The Messenger Bag is perfect for tweens and teens (or maybe 30-something's who think they are really cute? Pleeeease?):

These are so cool because you can change the look easily with bag flaps that zip on and off:


Messenger Bag with Changeable Zip Flap
Item 3106
Bag comes with one reversible flap of your choice

I told you Thirty-One carries more than just the cutie bags – these baskets come in various sizes with liners available. There are also thermal containers that fit inside the baskets:


Summer Cottage Collection

The Small Magazine Basket is just stinkin’ fun – you can use it to carry items around, but it can also be used in the pot-tay:


Small Magazine Basket
Item 3019

I LOVE that! It could be used for magazines, books, toilet paper, whatever. And it makes your toilet paper look cute.

The Skirt Purses are ADORABLE!:

Skirt purse
Item 3196

Isn’t it cute? With this one purse, you get up to nine different looks! skirtpurse4

This purse comes in basic brown or black and includes one skirt of your choice, then additional skirts are only $15 and come in nine different fabrics:

skirtpurse3Seriously, a different purse for every day of the week peeps! How FUN!

LURVE this Organizing Shoulder Bag -- it’s the best selling purse Thirty-One carries and I can see why:

Organizing Shoulder Bag
Item 3165

This baby won't fall off your shoulder, and you can wear across diagonally as well for hands free purposes for those times when you could really use eight extra hands please. ;)

There is a big special going on for March! If you purchase $31 of products, you will get the Organizing Shoulder Purse for only $19. Half price the regular retail cost!(Monogramming is an additional $6.):

Debbie and Thirty-One have graciously offered $50 for one of you to spend as you wish! Whoohoo!

You know the deal! For your first entry, leave a comment here. To make this another fun one to read through, let’s share the most unusual thing you've found in your purse. (I know you Moms have some good ones…spill it!) You don’t have to share to enter – it’s just for fun. :)

For your second entry, visit Debbie’s Thirty-One shop here and browse through the products! Find your favorite, then come back here and let me know that item in another comment.

debspring2010 To get us started off – the nastiest most unsual item I’ve found in my purse was a bag of apple dippers from McDonalds…that had been in there for days. DAYS people. But I know someone can top that!! (I hope.)

This giveaway will end Monday at noon, eastern time. Have fun and have a GREAT weekend!


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