Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chic in New York: Cire Trudon

If any more French retailers open shops in New York, pretty soon we'll have no reason to go to Paris.  I jest of course.  We'll never need a reason to visit Paris but our suitcases might be lighter on the flight back.  The legendary candle maker to kings and queens, Cire Trudon, is opening a shop on Bond Street. Their first store in the United States isn't quite open yet but I saw them unpacking boxes yesterday so it won't be long. 

Cire Trudon was founded in 1643 in Paris when a grocer named Trudon started selling candles he produced and developed.   His clients included churches and cathedrals and later royalty including Marie Antoinette and Napoleon.  One of my favorite candles is their Trianon scent.  Maison Trudon later made candles for Hermes, Guerlain and Dior.  In 2007, Ramdane Touhami took over the company and has carried on the tradition of "producing candles of the best quality according to time honored traditions." 

I suppose you could still buy the candles in Paris but it's nice to know that when you run out, you can pop downtown for more.  Happy Shopping!

Cire Trudon
54 Bond Street
New York, NY


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