Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Kips Bay Show House Designer: Christopher Coleman and Angel Sanchez

Interior designer Christopher Coleman and fashion designer Angel Sanchez collaborated on a room that is a "fusion art, design and fashion" and a little futuristic too! I only had a chance to briefly meet the designers but according to their marketing the loft was designed as a "lounge space for a stay at home recessionista to work, lounge, and play."

The space has two 65" televisions, a see-through desk, and a new art ping pong table in polished steel with glass net. I heard that Martha Stewart played a quick game during the preview evening. I bet she won too! The table was designed by Rirkrit Tiravanja and was fabricated by Cumulus. I wonder what happens if someone hits the ball too hard into the net. The entire room was designed to gleam and includes all slick and shiny surfaces which includes the Phillip Jeffries vinyl wallcoverings. Very sleek and chic!


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