Monday, May 18, 2009

Nexus medicine cabinet

Anthony from Vancouver constructs a medicine cabinet that just screams elegance. Love love love it.

He says, "I did my bathroom a few months ago and created a medicine cabinet using a Nexus cabinet door from Ikea. I wanted more storage but didn't want something that screamed 'medicine cabinet'. The frame is constructed with 1x4 lumber and a backer board, and installed inside the studs before the walls were finished. The door itself is a 24x36" black-brown Nexus door. I first glued and nailed a smaller piece of 1/4" plywood as a spacer to give the mirror a floating effect. Then I glued on a 22x22" custom-cut mirror using PL9000 construction adhesive. I added glass shelves and of course the blumotion door damper and it was done."


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