Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ONE year of fun!!

ACK! Can you believe it? I've been blogging for a year today! Wicked crazy cool, eh? I don't really feel like it's my anniversary, because I didn't reeeeeally start blogging till about September (or so).

I started this blog because I felt like that chick in the Lowe's commercial -- you know the one standing with her friends, them asking, "You did that?" "And THAT?" My girlfriends would want to know how, when, why, know. (And I love that!)

So I thought it would be an easy way to show friends and family my projects -- although not all my friends read this blog -- what's up with that? (They just come to my house and ask me...)

It wasn't till fall of last year that I realized there were other creative blogs out there too. (Give me a break people -- 14 months ago I didn't even know what a blog was.) And I fell into the deep (wonderful) abyss that is blogging -- for reals.

To celebrate, I am giving away some of my favorite items!! You may not find them very exciting, but I couldn't live without them. Soon you will be in lurve too, just wait! (Buhwahahahahaha...)

First -- a miter box and saw (saw may or may not be included -- I need to check to make the post office won't think I'm going postal or something:

So you can do projects like this:

(To see all my molding projects, go here.)

To get you organized, I'm giving away a fan-freakin'-tastic Dymo label-maker:

Oh yes. Yes I am. So you can do this to your pantry:
(To see all the organization projects, go here.)

My BFF hemming tape (super weight of course):
So you can make easy-peasy roman shades like this:
Wanna see all my window treatments? Huh? Do ya? Go here.

Some yummy jute/sisal twine:
So you can cover your vase, like this:

More jute love? Go here.

And finally, the most exciting of all! (Lying.) A paint roller and handle -- I want you to paint your walls!!

So you can do something fun like this:
Yes, yes, I know. For more painting ideas, go here.

Just comment here to enter! I'll have two winners -- the first prize winner will pick three items and the second will get the remaining two. I'll announce the winners Monday morning.

I have to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for making this so fun. Your comments and e-mails continue to make my day (and I appreciate your patience when it takes me two weeks to get back to you!!).

You all continue to inspire me to be more creative and I appreciate that more than you know! I hope I continue to inspire you for a long time to come.

I can't handle it...just go enter why don't you. I'm all veklempt.


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