Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take it off.

Now, don't get all dirty-bird on me people. Clothing is not optional here at TDC.'s not optional for me...ya'll can wear whatever you want while you're reading.


OK, anyhoo. After this post, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hear a huge, collective "DUH!" across the country.

Or as we used to say back in the day, "No duh!" Or my personal favorite, "No doy!"

Anyway, I find when I need a little change, I go looking to remove things, instead of getting something new. Lately, my go-to where this is concerned is doors. There are certain doors in the house we never -- I repeat -- never close. Some we have not closed once in five years. So, I ask, why do we need them there?

Case in point, the laundry room:

I'm not kidding you people, it may just be me, but it makes such a HUGE difference! I love it! I feel like I gain ten square feet of space in our house every time I do it! I took down our basement door a long time ago and I doubt we'll ever put it back up:I don't have a before picture, but just imagine the door swinging open to the right...after I took it down we really did gain space in the family room.

I've been working on reorganizing and decluttering our closet lately and did the same in there:

Is it just me? I think it makes a huge difference!

Speaking of removing doesn't just go for doors. I'm not a big change the furniture layout person -- in fact, I never do it. Our house is so open and the cable outlets are situated so that we don't have many options where layout is concerned. So when I'm itching for a change, I remove furniture:

I could never accessorize those shelves right, it never felt right, so I love not having it there. Five years ago when we moved in, I thought something had to be in that spot.


Do you have a piece of furniture that you walk by every day and it just doesn't feel right? Are there doors in your home you never use? Remove it, see how you like it. All it takes to remove a door is a screwdriver, and perhaps a flat head screwdriver to pry the hinges off. Try it out!

P.S. To say I am overwhelmed at your comments on my anniversary post is an extreme understatement. Seriously. I am humbled and so appreciative. You have made my whole weekend!! (And you lurkers are dang funny -- come out of hiding more!!) I'm extending the giveaway to 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, I'll announce the winners that day. Keep entering below if you haven't yet!

P.P.S. Check out the upcoming Goodwill Party button to the right! Mark your calendars! :)


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