Saturday, February 26, 2011

Half-pint Effektiv holds computer and subwoofer for media desk

Effektiv cabinet, custom birch plywood table top

Description: Last year, we installed a large set of Effektiv cabinetry in the family room: shelving for games and books and drawers for videos and toys, etc. Two standard Effektiv wall cabinets across the middle created a 67" wide space for a desk, but Ikea has no good option for tables or desks 67" wide. So, we made a 67" wide birch-plywood "media desk" using this cut-down Effektiv cabinet for support. "Media desk" means that the cabinet contains and hides our media computer and the subwoofer part of the audio system. It also hides a large pile of cables, with the help of a Galant cable organizer.

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