Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Torked-out Multi-Ribba Technicolour Backlit Feature Frame

Materials: Materials:- 3x Large 50x23cm Ribba Frames, 1x Multi-Colour Dioder set, 1 Bundle of Torka, Kitchen Foil, Sticky Tape, Black Marker Pen, Wood Screws, Electrical Connector Blocks, Paint (optional), Pull Switch (optional). Tools:- Drill and Drill-bits, Electrical Screwdriver, Hot Glue Gun, Tape Measure and Square (or good eyes), Paint Brush (optional)

Description: Having seen the excellent original 'Torked-out Ribba' frame - I decided to make something of a larger feature piece using some large Ribba frames I already had, since I needed a feature for my fire-place.

Ok... my frame is slightly more complex then the previous one so I will include specific instructions for this version. I have attempted to be as consise as possible with the availiable picture limitation - but this is a hard one to describe with words.

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