Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little love from IKEA

Finally, IKEA has given me a nod. Though a little, sideway tilt of the head it makes me all giddy inside. No, I am not flying to Sweden (yet), just an interview on IKEA Hackers for their blog, Livet hemma. It will have to do for now, till I shake Ingvar Kamprad's hand. You can read the interview here. It's in Swedish. (Google English translation here).

Equally, I was curious about Livet hemma and it being written in Swedish didn't stop me. Yes, pictures-thousand-words thing rings true for this site - lovely, lovely room sets and beautiful shots you'd come to expect from IKEA. It carries updates, has a cool forum where members can show off their IKEA and even a hacks contest (this decoupaged shoe cabinet, black and white lacy bekvam, light plate and Billy cityscape are my favourites). Wanting to find out more, I shot them a series of questions.

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