Friday, February 18, 2011

Winners and project FAIL

Howdy all! First of all, the two lucky winners of The Rusted Chain giveaway are…

Kaitlindsay from Brighter than Sunshine and Kristine from Random Robb Stuff.

Yahoo! Ladies, please email me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you in touch with Beki. :)

Well, all of my projects are not peaches and pink flamingos and fluffy clouds. Some fail miserably, and I try to show you the good and the bad along the way. (Coral and aqua cake anyone?)


Anyhoo, I was SO bummed the other day, because one of my most recent (and favorite!! Pout.) transformations had turned into a total FAIL. And I knew I had to show you so you could avoid a similar fate. (Sniff.)

Remember my beautiful Goodwill pitcher?:

 Goodwill pitcher 

Well, I went to empty out the tulips and water the other day, and when I grabbed the handle, something crackled.

Crackle? What the heck? I looked down and saw a bubble. I touched the bubble and this happened:

painting ceramic

DUDE! I was so bummed out! My initial thought was that I could sand it down and respray it.

Then I looked some more and found these:

Little bitty crackley bubbles ALL OVER it. It looked like it had the mumps. :(

Like that wasn’t bad enough, I happened to put my hand under it, and noticed it was a bit damp.

Looked at my beautiful butcher block and it looked like there had been water sitting in a couple spots.

Curses! Shakes fists in air!!

I thought there had to be another explanation for it it, so to test it out, I placed the pitcher (filled with water) on a paper towel for a day. When I lifted it up to check later, I found this:

The darn thing was LEAKING. On my wood island countertop – for a week. Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Thankfully, a little sanding and drying time and the spot on the butcher block is gone.

But now I know why the pitcher was at Goodwill in the first place. (SAD FACE.)

I primed that thing within an inch of it’s life, so I guess ceramic just doesn’t take it well in general. Any experience with this?

And of course, by then I was completely loving the idea of a pretty white pitcher on our island, so I was on the lookout for a new one. I found a HUGE selection at HomeGoods:

So many beautiful options! Aren’t they pretty? All were $9.99 but were about half the height that I wanted.

And then I remembered that a reader had mentioned one she found at Target. I don’t need to be told twice to take a trip to Tarjay, so off I went. And I scored this beaut:

Target pitcher

She’s not as wide as the other one, but she is taller. And still has a graceful handle that I love – all for $13. :)

I have now checked underneath it about 95 times, but all is well:

So…sometimes – once in a while -- thrifting bites you in the butt. But I’m willing to keep taking my chances. :)

Speaking of a trip to HomeGoods, last week I met two readers while shopping  – Valerie and Carolyn. They were just the coolest, and it was so fun to chat with them:

Well, that’s me and Valerie. Carolyn was taking the picture.  ;)

We ended up talking for a while, and it was absolutely insane what a small world it is…I graduated from the same high school as Carolyn, and turns out her brother was in my class.


Carolyn wrote about our meeting over at her blog here. (They crack me up.) And I’m warning you – you’ll be swooning over her bathroom redo. Here’s a peek:

Ack! Gorgeous! (Jealous!!)

So fun. So if you think you see me shopping at HomeGoods in Indianapolis, come say hello!!  :)

The Organize It Party will go up Monday evening, so get those posts ready!:

Organize It Basket2


Have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be thrifting with some girlfriends at my very favorite spots in all of Indy – Midland Arts and Antiques. Can’t wait!!

P.S. Thanks to Click Studio for finding my linen closet light bulb! :) You can see it here.

P.P.S. I am working on finding out more info about the fabric I used in the living room. I’ll let you know next week!!


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