Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crafting therapy

I needed some therapy for many reasons lately -- first because of my last post. Second, though much more trivial, because I have been decluttering and cleaning this house like a mad woman for the past few weeks. My creative mojo was calling out for some CRAFTS WOMAN, GIVE ME SOME CRAFTS!!!

So I gathered the following for two easy, fun V-Day projects:
For the first, I used my leftover rose petals from this wreath project...just stuck them into my dollar store foam ball and voila!!:

Errrr....wait...forgot about this one last decoration a six weeks ago. Do you find Christmas stuff in random spots months later? Yeeeeah. Here we go:

For the second project, I painted the sides of the cardboard letters, then used spray adhesive to put the paper on the top. Trimmed around it and got this how-cute-is-this little decoration:

I really wanted to do XOXO, but was too cheap when I bought them the other day. Now, I'm going to go back and spend extra gas money just to get two more. Duh.
Other than these few things, I really don't do much Valentine's decor. Just some candy:

(Ignore the Christmas candy still in the bottom. Need to "purge" that too I guess.)

And Becky sent me this in a package full of goodies I won:

Isn't it precious??
I needed some Valentine love today and these did the job. Easy, cheap, cute!


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