Monday, February 16, 2009

Twenty minutes and ten bucks!

I finished off the XOXO! Just in time to pack them up for next year! :)

So...did you get some paint? Huh? Did ya? Yeah, I know, flat paint sucks. I have my own theory on flat paint I'll talk to you about soon. I did buy some paint to repaint our den -- one gallon of flat for the ceiling and another in eggshell for the walls. I have a growing obsession with painting ceilings and I'll show you that soon too!

I hope your Valentine's Day was GREAT! Hubby was out of town, but sent me these:
Awwwwww! I know! The problem with roses, plants...any live, green, growing things in our house is this guy:
The little poop. I swear he was supposed to be a bunny. He can't get enough of leaves. And lettuce. I can't have a plant in this whole house because of him. Good thing he's cute. He also likes to eat these:
This cat has about 35 lives instead of the regular nine, I swear to you. He loves to eat ribbons and hair ties. Gah.

Since hubby was out of town, I had to spend the evening with my other man -- my Bub. He took me to McDonald's and Babies R Us. Never been on a date quite like it. He made me pay and drive, but I'm still keeping him. :)

I did a quick project in our den over the weekend, in between breaking my neck painting the ceiling and destroying my back painting the room. I recently moved most of my son's toys to another room in the house, and I'm thrilled with the change. (I'll show you that soon too!) Since I am enjoying having our office back so much, I've been trying to think of easy ways to update what we already have in there, and my first project was these shelves:
I bought foam core board at the dollar store and measured the backs of each shelf. I marked them off and then cut them out using my level as a straight edge and my exacto knife:

Then cut my fabric and wrapped them like a present, using hot glue to secure the fabric:

Just popped them into the back of the shelves and voila!:

Ack! That fabric! I could just DIE. I. love. it. I have gone back to Joann's TWICE and it's GONE!!!!!!!!!! Who out there took it?? Who? I will find you. I must have more.

The foam board was three bucks for three boards, the fabric was about $5 for a yard of the fabric. Try it on your shelves or built ins! I love to make the back of built ins pop by painting them, but I think I may like this fabric idea even more!

P.S. Actually, the title of the post is a little misleading. It will probably take about 40 minutes. But "Forty minutes and ten bucks!" doesn't sound nearly as good.

P.P.S. Ah! I haven't forgotten about the questions! I'll answer them this week, I swear!


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