Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Habitually Chic Jewelry Designer: Elma Blint

I have a new obsession and it's Elma Blint jewelry! I had the pleasure of meeting Elma at her table at the Brooklyn Flea Market recently and found her to be delightful and her jewelry to be beyond chic and surprisingly affordable! Elma took the time to explain vermeil and why the gold on my ring (from a designer who shall remain nameless) was starting to rub off. She clearly knows her stuff and I appreciate a designer who wants to educate their customers and isn't all about just making a sale.

I love that most of her designs are available in solid gold, silver and gold vermeil options so there is something for everyone and every budget. And she can customize most of her designs as well. Want a ring without a stone? Just ask. Different colored stone? Not a problem. Longer chain? She'll switch it out. I ended up buying the 3 Ring Necklace (I need all the luck I can get!) in 18k vermeil but I may have to go back for the Hortense Ring. And maybe some bracelets...you get the idea!

Elma's jewelry is available through her website and by appointment at her boutique Baubles and Thorn in Brooklyn or at the Brooklyn Flea Market on the weekends. During the winter, the Brooklyn Flea is located in two different buildings on Front Street and Elma can be found at 81 Front Street but you might want to check the Info section on the website to make sure she's there just in case. But believe me, it's worth the subway ride to buy her fabulous jewelry and once you see it in person, you'll be obsessed too! Happy Shopping!


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