Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Domino Dearly Missed...

I love that Page 6 continues to chime in on the demise of Domino. Maybe it will persuade the powers that be at Conde Nasty to change their mind and bring the the fan favorite back from the magazine graveyard.
The ads might not have been there, but the readers were. Barely a month after Condé Nast folded Domino magazine, more than seven fan sites of the chic home-design magazine have sprung up, including a Facebook bereavement page. Many fans wonder why Si Newhouse shuttered Domino, which despite seeing ad sales decline had rising newsstand and subscription numbers. We doubt that if Newhouse pulled the plug on one of his other foundering books - like, say, Portfolio- such an outpouring of grief would occur.
Part of the gossip is that Portfolio is a favorite of Si Newhouse and that he would rather shutter other magazines to keep it afloat. (Does anyone even read Portfolio???) Rumor has it that Allure might be next. The real irony is that Domino subscribers will now receive Architectural Digest, the anti-Domino and the magazine most hated by the Domino demographic.

***UPDATE: If you call Conde Nast, they will gladly substitute whatever magazine you choose to replace Domino and you will not be stuck with AD if you already subscribe to it or do not want it. Take that Paige Rense!

The photo from The Devil Wear Prada seemed to suit this story. That's all.


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