Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ten minutes to a room you'll love...

with fabric! The Nester is having a party that I almost completely missed. ME, miss a party? No way Joe-se.

So thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you all a few more of the quick, cheap updates I've made to our office.

Earlier this week, I showed you the difference fabric made to the bookcase: STILL can't find more of that fabric. Grrrr....I know they can order more, but I don't have the number for it? What do I do?? Anyway, I have used fabric a few other places in this room too. Ya'll know my hatred for cords. I mean....uck, splooey, spit, scrunched-up-disgusted-face, HATE THEM.

I fell in love with this desk years ago (I miss you Bombay Company! Sniff.) and love it, but it also shows everything, including the nasty cords:That box is one everyone needs -- I throw every single random thing in that when people come over. And it serves as my foot rest. :) So I got $5 of fabric, squeezed my bootay back in the corner and hot glued the fabric to the back:
Awwwwwww yeah baby. Buh bye cords:
A few weeks ago I spoke to a local Moms Time Out group. (Hellooooo ladies!) They were so fun and were way too kind and sent me gift cards to two of my favorite places -- Hob Lob and Joann's. They know me, they do. So I got this little storage chest/ottoman at the Lob but hated the fabric.

I mean, grody:
Well, I guess if you had it in the right might be OK...

Nope. GRODY.

So I covered it with my gorg floral fabric, OH that's right, IT'S GONE. I covered it with my cheap olive fabric I found: The goldfish are the added bonus you get when you bribe your two-year-old with them so you can finish this ten minute project. (This one really does take ten minutes!)

Viola! Perfect as a side table, ottoman, and to house big toy trucks:

Won't it look awesome with that floral fabric? Sniff.

Finally, what do you do when you repaint the whole room and the cushion you bought to match the old room doesn't work anymore?:

Huh. In the picture it matches perfect. Imagine that. buy fabric and wrap it around the cushion till you get it sewn!:
There you go, each project took less than ten minutes, and what a difference they have made! This weekend I'll show you the entire room...I'm waiting on one more project to dry. :)

OK, so if you asked me a question last weekend, here I go with some of the answers:

Sav: YES, shelving sounds like a great option! If you have a more modern space, try the floating shelves. If it's more traditional, try the molding shelves. Try layering some framed pics on all of them, it will be a nice distraction from the TV! (Just don't make it too busy.)

Jen: Ohhh, that fabric for my roman shades was from the shop I work for. We have two shops as well as the decorating end of it, and the owner gets A-mazing fabric "short ends" that are a steal. I found the fabric in one of the fabric books once and it was something like $160 a yard or something crazy like that. I can't even remember the brand of fabric now! Sorry!!

Anonymous: You are freakin' kidding me with this, because your exact question is my next project!! Shannon over at Bless our Nest posted the same project she did just as I was thinking about doing it -- she hung the fabric very high and it looks great. YES, I would do it, even with a shorter shower, go for it. I bet hubby will be wrong-O! :) I hope to finish mine this weekend.

Knittingknirvana: Good question! First of all, you have to live in your house while you are in it. Your husband's comment is not the first time I've heard it. But you can't live in your home like you're about to sell it...unless you are about to sell it!! It will take two gallons of paint and a few hours to cover up chocolate walls when you do move someday. I disagree with that notion about resale anyway. Someone may walk in and fall in LOVE with your chocolate bathroom!! My husband loves what I do 99 percent of the time. If he doesn't like it, I don't do it, because it's so rare that he has the opposite view as me. :) I think it would be hard if you both have strong opinions -- just tell him I'm the tie-breaker!!

I'll answer the rest soon, have a great weekend!


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