Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleek Teak

I was looking for photos of this Richard Meier designed beach house months ago and was surprised that there were no images on Google. The home was designed for Peter Morton the ridiculously wealthy head of Morton's Restaurant Group which owns the Hard Rock Cafe among others. His son Harry made headlines when he dated Lindsay Lohan a few years ago. But I digress. The house was published in the October 2006 issue of W Magazine and have the tear sheets somewhere but couldn't find them either so I was happy to find the photos on the W website. It's not exactly my style but I think that the teak exterior is beyond gorgeous.

I was also surprised to learn that Michael Smith had designed the spare African inspired interiors which highlight the art collection which includes the Brice Marden painting above.

The house glows at night when the shutters are opened.

The interior walls are "cast-in-place" concrete and interesting choice for a beach house. While the lap pool makes it look like you could swim all the way to the ocean. I hope one of the remaining shelter magazines can get us another look inside this interesting home because I'd love to see more of the interiors behind the sleek teak exterior.

Photos by Simon Watson


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