Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't buy another thing!

Until you declutter your house.

Last year when I went through the whole house I realized the massive amount of money I had been WASTING. I kept buying new things I already had because the originals were buried in piles and piles of crap:

I found four of these:

Don't you know you need one on every floor of the house, plus an extra? What?! You don't?

I found three of these:

At least ten of these (sanding blocks):

About twenty of these:

Does a nonsmoking household really need twenty lighters? I guess so, cause I also found about 40 of these:

And tonight, I found eight -- yes, EIGHT -- of these:


What have you found?
Cause I know you've been decluttering!! (Good thing I don't live near you, right?)


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