Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mud Room Lockers from 2 Kilby's

Materials: 2 Kilby book shelves, circular saw, drill

Description: The great thing about Kilby is that it is only 9.5 inches deep and fit into an opening that I had at the side door.

In order to do this hack you will need to put together all inside portions before you assemble the outside to the bookshelf.

1. Open Both boxes of the Kilby.
2. Bottom Vertical: We are going to be cutting up one long section of the Kilby from the extra box. Cut 9.5cm off the bottom of long board.
3. Bottom Vertical: Cut the same board 72cm from the bottom cut. This will be the verticle on the locker bottom.
4. Top Vertical: Use the big remainder piece from the Bottom Vertical. From the top (uncut end) of the remaining portion of the first board board, cut off 17mm.
5. Top Vertical: From the cut in step 4 (inside top), cut the piece to 108.9 cm from the top.

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