Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall door decor.

Yet again, I'm going to drill into your head that you can use what you already have to create some beautiful arrangements for fall! I've put a few together in the past week that all involve items I already had, and variety of filler -- or what I like to call "things you stick in."

I already showed you how to make a beeeautiful fall wreath here:

Some of you suggested using a frame for a rectangle shape and that is BRILLIANT!

My favorite door decor is my go-to for our front door. I luuuurve my Southern Living at Home container and use it almost year round -- I love how one piece can work for most seasons, by just changing out the filler.

For the fall, I have used the same "stuff" for the past few years, but every year seem to end up adding more to it. It's going to be ginormous in a few years, seriously.

The only items I use are my container, the floral stuff and some floral foam:

I just pull the whole thing out of the container every year, put it in a baggy and store it away. When I put it out, I just pop it back in the container and fluff like mad.

Oh yeah, and stick more "things" in:

Sigh. This arrangement is everything I love about this time of year. Those colors just make my heart go pitter pat. And YES, I use fake flowers. Keeeeel me. (Our front door is protected.)

The next door idea is one I am really loving, and it took me all of ten minutes. I had another SLAH container in the basement that I haven't used for years. It was too bright white for most of my decor:
So it hit me. I just took more of my walnut stain, and dry brushed it on to highlight the raised areas. It kind of smudged onto the other areas, but I ended up loving the look and kept doing it all over:
Gorg!! I stuffed a bit of foam in (just cut it with a knife if it doesn't fit):I snipped a leaf garland apart into sections and just stuffed them in:Because, yet again, I can't leave well enough alone, I wrapped some fall ribbon around the hanger:
And got this!:
Shut the front door, I love it. (My new favorite saying by the way.) This was going to go on the black garage door but I just couldn't bear the thought of her (yes, HER) facing into the dark garage 24/7, not being appreciated.

The final arrangement I put together started with another container I already had in the basement:
Thanks to stepmom for the container! :) I wanted it not so yellow, so I did a quick coat of brown spray paint:
Then picked up some beady/grassy things:
And the most adorable pom pom looking thingys from Joann's:
I separated the grassy stuff into the sections and cut each one off (you'll need wire cutters to do this):
And just stuffed and stuffed (notice a theme here?). I found a couple feathery jobbies from Hob Lob and threw those in too:There is no rhyme or reason to it -- just stuff it (in a nice way)!
To hang this, I took a cheap metal (over the door) hook, straightened it out, then hot glued the ribbon over it:
Oh yes, yes I did. Nothing is safe with me. ;)

My finishing touch is to ALWAYS add some felt pads to the back off all my containers, so they don't scratch up the door:
And now, we have something lovely to look at on the way out as well:
Do you have something you can use to create an arrangment? Stuff some leaves or pumpkins or floral pics in and you can't go wrong! You don't need to purchase new to make your home warm and cozy this time of year.
Later this week I'll show you our front porch -- it makes me smile every time we drive up. :)

P.S. Spell check does not recognize "thingys" and "jobbies." Whatev.


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