Saturday, September 26, 2009

Those White and Cream Cow Hide Rugs

Suzanne Kasler
I am really enamored with white/cream cow hide rugs. They seem to add another layer of richness and beauty to so many different style interiors. Here is a lovely room designed by the wonderful Suzanne Kasler. Southern Accents
I especially love cow hide rugs over sisal or seagrass. In this room the rug seems to compliment all furnishings; notice the side table and Ghost chair. Jan Showers
The combination of the natural floor covering and the sumptuousness of the cow hide really speaks to me.
Cote de Texas
I think they add a luxurious layer of texture and interest to room. Here is the wonderful bedroom of Sally Wheat, brought to us by Joni of Cote de Texas. You can read all about the rest of Sally's house here. Cote de Texas
Sally renovated the many rooms including the living room. Here is the photo from the cover of Houston House and Home. You can read all about her more recent renovation here.
Material Girls
Here the fabulous Jan Showers layers the cow hide over white rug. It adds a layer of richness to this room. Veranda
Though not quite cream, I wanted to include Vincent Wolfe's gorgeous room. Here the cow hide is layered over a lighter rug and creates a luxurious effect.
=The cow hides seem to work in many different decors. Here it looks fabulous in this more masculine and modern room.
Of course in more modern interiors, like this bedroom the cow hide softens the hard edges of the furniture and the space.
Kim Christie
They also look beautiful laying on a hardwood floor - In this room I love the mix of the hard lines of the mirrors and coffee tables with the softness of linen sofa, throw and cow hide rug.
I find the cowhide rug a more interesting choice than the traditional needlepoint or aubusson rug. With the yellow chairs, it adds a layer of unexpected edginess to this room.
The darker floors also really make the rug stand out.

Finally here is one my favorite rooms. I think the the cow hide rug looks so lovely in this very neutral interior. What do think?
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