Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ribba with the Dynamic Painting

Materials: RIBBA 50x50, Thinkpad T42, Thick white paper and some pieces of wood.

Description: I used the frame called RIBBA with the size 50x50 cm. There are two models either black or white frame. I selected the black frame for this.

Then as you can see, the inlay have a rectangular cutout and that of course does not fit the laptop screen. To fix this I bought a very heavy paper-sheet (1000g) It's like cardboard, but it's white and stiff 50x70 cm sheet.

The I had an old laptop that I don't use anymore. The battery is completely broken so it can only run if the AC-adapter is always connected. It's an old Thinkpad T42.

Now, we have all the parts lets do it!

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