Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good ol', cheapo upholstered Gorm Bar

Materials: Gorm Posts, Gorm Shelves, Gorm Corner Shelf

Description: This is I and my husband's first hack. After weeks of trawling through this site, I managed to convince DH that building our own bar would be cheaper than buying a new one.

We wanted an L shaped bar and thought about using expensive IKEA pieces for this, but settled for good ole, cheapo Gorm.

2 51cm GORM corner shelves - $26
8 51 x 77cm GORM shelves - $56
8 31 x 77cm GORM shelves - $40
24 packs of 110cm GORM posts - $96
Packet of screws - $9
Fabric - $16
13mm MDF sheets for the top of the bar - $13
Staple gun and staples
Hand drill

Total: $256

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