Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lay-away your endless cardboard!

Materials: 5 Gorm 1'x3' shelves, hand saw, mallet, workbench vise, electric screw driver, 14 drywall screws, 4 'dowel' screws, 2 wall anchor screws, wood glue

Description: Shelf Your Recyclable Cardboard... with this quick, fun project: Storage and binding station for your pantry, mud room, or garage.

Assembly time was about 2 hours:

1) Set aside (intact) 4 of the 5 Gorm 1'x3' shelves.

2) Using a workbench vise (or a work table and a clamp) with a hand saw, cut off 1 of the 3 slats that make up a 1'x3' Gorm shelf section. Do this as follows.. this the only challenging part of this project!:
a)clamp down the shelf so that a 1' long edge is on horizontal to you and on top, and the 3' sides are vertical. b) Refer to the attached pictures ("Gorm 1ftx3ft shelf.jpg" and "Cardboard recycler_Side view.jpg")

You will be cutting the L-shaped molded edge piece and not the slat itself: Locate the first 'gap' between the slat you are removing and the middle slat. c) now angle the hand saw blade so that you are cutting the L-shaped molded edge from against the slat you are 'keeping' outward to up against the middle slat. d) Turn over and clamp down the 1'x3' Gorm shelf section and do the same cut to the other L-shaped molded edge on the other side -- but make sure to have the angle of the saw blade and the cut itself match the direction of the cut done in able step c. That done.. the 'difficult' part of the project is complete!

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