Thursday, November 6, 2008

Art Smart

I often worry about the future of art and that parents might encourage their children to become doctors or lawyers or bankers...well, maybe not bankers anymore...instead of fostering their love of art. So I like to support anyone who has made a career out of their passion and become an artist and now you can too at UGallery, an online gallery that "provide art enthusiasts access to affordable original artwork while offering young trained artists a platform to launch their careers." I've highlighted a few of my favorite works from the site and I think all of them would make great holiday gifts! And who knows, one of the artists might turn out to be the next Picasso!

Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life. - Henry Miller

Smoke 14, Mark Elverspon, Massachusetts College of Art, photograph $80 (His work is a very affordable version of James Nares!)

Cherry Blossoms, Colette Wirz, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, acrylic, $1900 (Very reasonable when you consider she might be the next Van Gogh!)

Beech Forest, Comusina Hardman, University of Georgia, oil on canvas, $800 (Stunningly beautiful!)

In Congress, Austin Givin, University of Arizona, oil on canvas, $380 (Read the artist's notes to learn more about this plein air painting!)

Candy Colored 3, Kaylie Abela, Massachusetts College of Art, acrylic on canvas, $50(A true bargain for a great work of art.)

I Have a Feeling That You're Feeling Less Days, JenMarie Zeleznak, The Cleveland Institute of Art, oil on canvas, $750 (I don't know which is better, the painting or the name! Love them both!)

Beach Grass, Ryan W. Kimball, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, oil on canvas board, $150 (Looks more sophisticated than what I see in a lot of galleries.)

Shoot for the Sky, Nikole Handel, Cairo Durham High School, photograph, $70 (From a high schooler! Amazing!)

Getty Reflection, Andrew Stein, Carnegie Mellon University, photograph, $100 (Have to support the hometown artist!)

Downward Spiral, Melissa Buchmann, University of Arizona, photograph, $85 (Reminds me of an image I posted on my blog from an Andree Putman designed apartment!)

Top Painting: Sunset Boulevard, Humberto Valle, Ringling School of Art and Design, acrylic on canvas, $700(I see the next Cy Twombley in that painting!)


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