Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tour of the pot-tay.

I thought a break from our regularly scheduled programming (that would be Christmas craft hysteria) would be good. I realized the other day I never posted final pictures of my powder room redo.

You can see the before there -- I definitely needed a change. Chocolate brown was the answer, and of course...molding. (Obsessed, I tell ya!!) I added the crown, the chair rail and the squares. The chair rail is not the right height, but I had to put it at the same height as my original chair rail. Which was my first stab at molding, four long years ago, so let's just say, it was not good.

I painted the ceiling brown as well, because I wanted the molding to POP. It worked. Love it. I put a coat of shimmer paint over the brown. Love it more.

These are raised off the wall. Can I tell you how much professional faux painters will charge you to do these? Let's just say a lot. I mean, fall off your seat, A LOT. I will do a tutorial to show you how easy they are soon...

I showed you this here:

But I need something over the toilet. Ugh, that word is just yuck. Toilet. Let's say potty. OK, not much better. Anyhoo, I found the shelf at Hobby Lobby, the rocks at Pier 1, and the candles at Target:

The candles needed something, so I found these rub ons at Micheal's and it added the little flair I wanted. But now I can never light these. Brilliant:

I use a flower pot as a trash can. Just the look I wanted and have you seen how much trash cans cost???

I changed out just about everything in this room:

The mirror was chipped and was a deal at Homegoods for $12. Painted it with my bronze paint, and tadaaaa:

Shhhh...this is where I keep the magazines. I know you have magazines in your bathroom!!! Don't lie!

I want to change out the faucet too...but I'm worrying that it's getting a little too bronzey/brown in there. I thought of adding pop of color somewhere but I also really like just the brown and white. I guess it will evolve like everything in our house!

Have you seen my blinkey and button for my upcoming events?? I LOVE THEM!! Aimee over here made for me -- she freakin' rocks. I have been talking to numerous places for weeks about making them and she did exactly what I wanted in a DAY. Love her. Go see her. And copy them into your blog if you want! Fun. I have some more shout outs to share tomorrow.

P.S. Oh, and I have attempted two of my millions of projects and they both failed miserably. I suck. I need to get my mojo back. A trip to Hobby Lobby is needed, STAT!


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