Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do you follow?

OK, I've been going back and forth on this for months...the new followers thing on Blogger has created love/hate feelings for me. Love it because when I get a new "follower" (HATE that term), I practically squeal with glee I'm so excited!! Hate it because when I used to see them on blogs, I was so turned off by it, like I was in high school again and it was a weird popularity contest.

I know, I know, I read WAY too far into stuff. I'm deep you know. Anyhoo...I've kinda changed my mind lately. Just today I added my first few blogs to my own followers list and WHOA, this is SO MUCH EASIER than bookmarking every page and clicking through all the sites every time I get online...AND we have two computers in our house (sucky one and kinda sucky one) and I bookmark different blogs on different computers.

Soooo, my question is, do you mind when people show their followers on the blogs? I'm thinking I'm going to do it, because now it seems kind of fun. I know this is really not a big deal...but if you have any thoughts about it, let me know.

And stay tuned because I have some fuuuuun stuff to show you later tonight! YAY.

**Edited to say I went ahead and added them to the side...more for YOU than anything. I'm finding this is a very easy way to find new fun sites, so go check them out! Please keep commenting about this if you want!!


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