Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Magic. Take Two.

You so know me by now and were probably expecting this...but I had to make a change. The tree candles on the mantel were so...oh I don't know, 2006. I adore them, but they just didn't do the GORG magnolia garland justice. Sooooo...

I took floral foam, stuck a ton of garland in there, wrapped 100 lights in it (Good LORD!) and more flowers. Ummmm...love it. But is it too much? Even if it is, I luuurve it and it's stayin'.

**Edited to add -- I kept the crystal candlesticks (honestly, just because I am totally lazy and didn't want to take a trip to the basement to get the others. Added some green sparkly candles and done! I also moved the NOEL stocking holders to another spot.

Is it sacrilegious to not hang your stockings on the mantel when you have a mantel?? :)

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and friends and just relax and have fun with it all. We will do very little other than cook, eat, lounge, watch TV, lounge, eat, cook, eat, eat. Sleep. Sounds like perfection to me. We are ready:

Also stocked up on Christmas cookies, cinnamon rolls and wine. We've got all we need. :)

Finally, I told you my house pukes up garland...(this is about a tenth of it):

This weekend I'll show you how easy it is to hang this and transform the outside of your home.

P.S. Don't forget to be thinking of some of your favorite things for December 1st!! Mr. Linky is coming and I want to see your favorite things you love right now -- it can be ANYTHING -- craft stuff, decorating stuff, holiday decor, jewelry, cleaning supplies, food, blogs, whatever! I find the greatest things when people share their favorites. I have the giveaway almost completed. :)





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