Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chic Sophistication at Carolina Herrera

There are occasionally moments in my life in New York when I feel like I want to pinch myself to make sure they are real and attending Carolina Herrera's Fall 2010 fashion show yesterday morning was one of them. It was definitely a dream come true and also one that didn't disappoint. It's one thing to check out the photos online after a show but it's quite different to experience it in person and watch the movement of the clothes and hear the music. It was seriously magical!

Mrs. Herrera for once didn't mention an artist or photographer in her program notes as the inspiration for her collection. Instead, it was a woman with "alluring confidence" who inspired her for Fall 2010. "A sophisticated feminine attitude and striking details reveal an integrity to luxury." And while she says it was a woman who inspired her, I couldn't help but think of her living room when I saw the coat above come down the runway. Maybe the confident woman who inspired her also lives in a fabulous home like herself. Actually, I can bet on it! Enjoy!

Photos from Style.com


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