Friday, February 26, 2010

Speaking of Anna

That picture of Anna Wintour in the snow had me thinking about her style. She has clearly found what works for her and each outfit is a variation on that theme. She usually wears a suit or a dress that is either slim or has a nipped in waist. Sometimes it's a little sweater and skirt combination. In the summer, she completes the look with a pair of sandals and in the winter, it's always a pair of knee high boots and tights. I don't think anyone does winter as well as Anna. She's dresses for the weather but always remains stylish. Like Tory Burch, she also always looks like herself and even though she has a wardrobe allowance, if you look close, she does wear her clothes more than once. She just accessorizes them differently. I love that she's not afraid of color and pattern as well. She also tops every look with a coat that perfectly complements it. While Anna Wintour and Vogue are usually the one who tell us who the style icons are, I consider her one as well and I'd love to peek inside her closet! I bet it's fabulous!

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