Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stair inspiration



Well, the giveaway is still to come, I promise! Until then, I thought I would share some inspiration for what I’ve been working on all weekend – beautiful stairs. ;)

I am thrilled to announce our stairs are DONE!! Well, other than a coat of poly, but not sure I’m going to even do that yet or not (the stain was a poly mix). Oh, and the landing still isn’t done. Or the the little “extra” I am throwing into this madness.

But otherwise, done. :) And gorgeous.

I will definitely show you this week, I’m really hoping to show you on Monday…but every time I say that out loud something gets messed up and it doesn’t happen.

So until then, let’s oooh and aaah over the beautiful inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens…

You’ll see a trend in most of these – gorgeous moldings. I’m like moth to a flame, I tell you what:

p_SIP929804Love the fun color on these! If I had a second stair case, I would totally do something like this:

p_SIP933348Love, love, LOVE the tile on these! I think it’s tile?:


Many of you have emailed me to tell me you used wallpaper on the risers – gorgeous!

Forget the stairs, I want that ceiling!:

p_SIP933898Oh my. What grown woman little girl wouldn’t LOVE this room?:


Gorgeous molding? Check. Beautiful railings? Check.:

p_SIP935794_R Yes please.:

p_100176537Many of you told me you painted your risers black. I hadn’t seen that look till I found this picture:

p_100176989Love that too!

Oh, let’s just add some fantastic storage under our gorgeous stairs:


Luuurve the runner on these:

p_REN606279_KAnd, this is how our stairway will look this Christmas:


OK, maybe not. I can dream. But it sure will be purdy!! :)

I’m going to bed so I can rest up my staining arm. Back at it tomorrow!!


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