Sunday, February 6, 2011

Table Head Cabinet

From Ikea: Billy bookcase, Billy Height extension, 2 Faktum base cabninets 40cm wide, Faktum wall cabinet (40 x 92cm).
Other stuff: Plasterboard, wooden slats, monitor arm and wallpaper (Cole & Son Wood).

We needed to add some extra storage space in the our living room and we were looking for a cabinet that would blend in. We came up with the idea to make a cabinet at the head of the table. First we thought to make the cabinet entirely from MDF, but we also wanted the wallpaper that we have in our kitchen to repeat somewhere in the living room. Wallpaper on the side of a thin plate of MDF didn't feel right and for that reason the side of the cabinet had to have a more "wall like" appearance.

Finally we came up with this solution. We stacked up 3 Faktum cabinets (for hidden storage) on one side and a Billy bookcase with height extension (for books) on the other. Both sides with their backs to each other. Both Billy and Faktum have a width of 40cm. In front of the Ikea storage heap we constructed a frame of wooden slats, which in turn was covered with plasterboard. We took 36 mm slats and 12.5 mm plasterboard. This results in a "wall" of approx 5cm. After plastering the bumps we gave this "wall" a wallpaper finish.

Finally we mounted our monitor on the wall with a monitor arm that can fold back completely. This way we have a working space on the table that can easily be pushed aside or made into a interactive picture frame for a diner with friends.

The only thing missing now is a nice colorful fake bird on the wall. A new table project will be next.

~ Roel, Netherlands


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