Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spray paint finger.

Does anyone have a cure for the pain of spray painting? I have spray painted SO MANY THINGS over the past five days, I've lost count. I even had to sleep with a heating pad wrapped around my arm one night. Not kidding.

So I was trying not to spend any money last weekend, (STOP laughing, I'm for real!), so I figured I'd do a few things in our laundry/mud room. A few things turned into about 25, but I'm so pleased with how it turned out. About a year ago, I had added the black beadboard to the room. I loved the black and yellow combo, so I kept going with that. This is some of the before:

I took the wire shelving down, bought a piece of MDF (for less than $5) and had it cut to size. I painted it black, and used iron shelf brackets (that I already had -- the were cream, now they're black) to put the shelf up:

I found two more canvas storage cubes a few weeks ago on sale at Target, and put all the odds and ends in those. I found a black and white ribbon that I loved, but the white was a little too stark. I actually soaked it in tea and yellow food coloring and it did the trick! Here they are all dressed up!: (By the way, the little white trash can is for the lint from the dryer. I don't know what I'd do without it there!)

The art is another poster from Hobby Lobby that was only $5! I cut them up and framed them:

I'm going to change this one out with the larger frames like up above once I get another mat made. I love the look of lamps in the laundry room, but for more than FOUR years, I've thought didn't have enough outlets. Duh, once I looked, I had plenty to work with. I got the lamp at Goodwill for $6! (It had a price tag of $49 on the bottom, NOT kidding!!) I covered the shade with $1 fabric. I also got the tray for a buck. Spray painted that too. Poor finger! I got the little ceramic container for $3 at a consignment shop, spray painted that! Poor, poor finger!!:

I LOVE how it looks with just the lamp on! So cozy!

I like having a towel near the washer, so I found a little $1 tray thingy at Goodwill, spray painted it, (shocking!) added fabric to the middle, and a cute knob at the bottom:

My favorite part of the redo was another consignment find -- the area next to the door was so bare, and I couldn't decide what I wanted there. I thought, maybe a clock, maybe a chalkboard...and at the consignment shop today...I found THIS!! It's BOTH!! And it was only $9!!!

Whooty who!! Can you even believe how perfect it is?? I will probably add some magnetic paint that I already have to it soon, and then another chalkboard layer. Loooove it!

Here are a few other views of the room -- my Ballard Designs rug that is just perfect and was less than $40 (I got this awhile back):

I got the idea for the table for between the washer and dryer from Shannon -- all it took was wood I already had, cut to size for the top and bottom, 1 x 2 wood cut to size for the legs, and brackets to hold it together. Then I painted the top and added the fabric to the front. I can use it for storage underneath!:

I added the new hardware the folding doors a long time ago. They were brass before (ew!) but now I love them:

The bench was from a couple years ago. The baskets hide the shoes perfectly:

I found little clothespins at Hobby Lobby, and yes, painted them black:

The vinyl lettering is from Uppercase Living. It makes the whole room:

The Southern Living hooks keep everything out of the way, and the little organizer by the door makes it so I HAVE to open and sort the mail as soon as I get in the door. Hate but love that thing!!

Soon I want to continue the black beadboard behind the washer and dryer (I was way too lazy to do it before) and add chunky black crown molding:

I will be sure to show you all when I do it! Here are some of the goodies before -- the topiary thing is the black towel holder now! And check out that tray! Sheesh!:

Oh, and I'm NOT spray painting another thing for a MONTH!! OK, maybe a week!! OK, really, probably tomorrow.


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