Monday, June 29, 2009

It. was. awesome.

Oh my goodness people. I cannot even tell you how. much. fun. we had last night. I'm not even kidding. It was the time of my life!!! First, some pictures, and then you'll just die at the story at the end!!!!

Our seats were AWESOME, thanks to a former coworker of my sister/second cousin of my best friend (long story). We were right behind the sound stage. Thank God I'm 11 feet tall:

I kept standing on the railing around the sound stage, making me about twelve feet tall. The security guys were giving me the stink eye and a stern "GET. DOWN." look quite often. Whateva dudes. I waited 18 years for this:
Jared the Subway guy knew someone in the band and sat right in front of us. My goober adorable best friend and sister got pictures with him:
We went ALL OUT and got a limo -- here's a few shots. Me and my sis:
My hawty hawt shoes:
(Yes. I have blisters.)
My and my BFF. We've been best friends for about 23 years. Five NK's concerts together, and I wouldn't want to go with anyone else:
And a self portrait with the massive crowd behind us!!
So GET THIS. Before the show, my BF is Twittering Donnie (to my fellow twitterers (?) I'm sorry for the goofy posts last night!) and just to be funny, I twitter him our section, row and seats and tell him to come out to see us (we heard earlier that they come out in the crowd.)

Later in the show, the lights go down and all the sudden the guys are all spread out in the crowd. Donnie is immediately to our right, about five feet away. My sis and BF are over there in two seconds. I turn around and Joe is to my left, about five feet away as well. The seas parted and crazed girls grown women went screaming to each side of me. I stood like a goofball right smack in the middle, by myself, freaking out -- which way to go???

I was frozen. I couldn't decide. (Ladies, they were both smokin' hot. Smokin'.) I look over to the right at Donnie and there's this cute chick dancing with him, and I'm like, oh, she's cute! Oh, I hate her. Oh, she's cute though. But oh wait, look, there's Joe! Right there. Geez, that girl is still dancing with Donnie! I still don't know which way to go. Frozen.

I look over hits me....

It was the most surreal experience of my life. I run over there, get on a chair and am about three feet from Donnie, eye level....

And I don't have a camera. Nothing. My phone had long died, I didn't bring in my camera, I had no idea where the other cameras were. I could have gotten the most amazing pictures of Joe and Donnie if I had one. I am hating myself right now!!

I don't even know if they get twitters from fans, but we thought it was so odd that he ended up right next to us. :) It was fantastic. My best friend has been a Donnie fan for 20 years and held his hand. We felt like we were 15 again, only better. :) It was the best concert I've ever been to, hands down. There are only about ten more concerts -- if you are not sure about going -- you MUST. You won't regret it. They know how to entertain!!

Thanks for letting me gush!! I feel like you are all my friends, so I had to share the night with you! And a big thanks to those of you who could care less about former teeny boppers for putting up with me lately. I swear, no more about it -- back to painting, crafting, decorating....I promise. :)


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