Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My fruity kitchen.

Our kitchen is ever-changing. I am always tweaking something. I have major Decorating ADD in this room. Issues people.

I have noticed lately that many of my tweaks involve faux fruit and I'm starting to think it looks like the farmer's market on a Saturday morning. I thought I would share the room and my fruity obsession with you so you can decide for yourself.

I know the rage right now is light -- white, cream, bright. I lurve that look, but my style is still deeper colors, warm spaces, dark wood tones. Our kitchen has cherry floors, cherry cabinets and the walls and ceiling are painted Sisal from Behr. (One of my favorite colors of all time!):
We even picked out a black backsplash for the builder to install. I love it but am craving something a little lighter now:
The good thing about a black backsplash is the phone disappears. So do the cords for the under cabinet lighting:
And yes, I was a Southern Living at Home consultant back in the day. I love that stuff!

Fruity obsession Exhibit A:

A couple years ago, I decided to paint our bay window a deeper olive color and love it. I even painted the ceiling the same color:I made all of the window treatments in this space, and YOU CAN TOO!! Go here if you don't believe me or if you want to make your own. (Told ya.)

The light fixture was $30 on clearance at Lowe's and it was a plug in fixture. I hard wired it, so I had to cover the black cord. Love how this turned out:
We have a lot of space above our cabinets, and I putz around with it all the time. I love decorating that area but it's always changing. And yes. Yes, I do have fake plants. Shoot me:
Fruity obsession Exhibit B:
You can see my beadboard island project here.

I lurrrve pot racks. This one was a steal at Hob Lob for half off:
You can see how I did the stencils above the cabinets here.

If this was Rate My Space I would have taken everything off the side of the fridge, but ya'll are my peeps. (Double pound to the chest.)

Fruity obsession Exhibit C:
Pears in three -- count them -- THREE spots all within a two foot radius. Issues: I have them.

Here are a couple more shots:
I still have plans to change the sink, change the faucet, change the pantry door, change the backsplash, add more beadboard in a couple spots, put glass fronts on some of the cabinet doors, add crown molding to the whole space, and, and, AND...

maybe add some more fruit? No? Dang.

**T minus FIVE days till NKOTB. Found an outfit today. Squeal!!


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