Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About the Italian Chandelier!

Many of you have emailed me asking more information about my chandelier. My interior photography is ever evolving (aka. not very good) and many of you wanted better photos. I was unable to get them because of the light. If you click on my photo above it should enlarge and give you more detail. But, if that does not work for you, I did have a few professional shots of the chandelier in my inspiration files.
The chandelier is made by Niermann Weeks. It is called the Italian Chandelier and comes in both 9 arm and 12 arm sizes. The photo above shows what is considered the standard finish - a distressed, chippy white. My chandelier was custom finished in an antiqued silver - it has a beautiful depth of color. Niermann Weeks has many many different finishes to choose from.
This photo from Things that Inspire via Anne Hepner gives you a very good shot of the piece. This example shows the fixture with shades, which I opted not to do. Here you see how nicely it looks in an informal room. This photo from Things that Inspire via Caldwell Beebe gives you a clear picture of the crystals that surround the fixture. I like the sparkle the singular strand brings to the room. It add a interest but its not too fussy. This room is also lovely, though a bit more formal than my breakfast room, but notice the similarities in the chair style and curtain selection.
I am sure you recognize this room from Better Homes and Gardens, which has been all over the blogs. Here you can see an example of the 12 arm style.
Niermann Weeks writes about the Italian Chandelier on their website.
They first found antique sconces, which led to the design of the chandeliers. They mentioned that English designer Nina Campbell hangs the Italian chandelier in her own bedroom, and every time she’s moved, it’s moved with her. The photo above is not Nina Campbell's bedroom, but another gorgeous room from the talented Catalano Architects.
Holly at Things that Inspire did a wonderful, comprehensive post on the Joe Niermann and the Niermann Weeks company. To read more about it click Here
The Niermann Weeks Company also writes an interesting article about how the design of the Italian Chandelier came about. To read more click Here.

To read more about my Breakfast Room click Here. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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