Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giveaway Weekend!

**This giveaway is now closed.


I am so excited for you all because I have yet another wonderful giveaway for you this weekend! I am so lucky to have such amazing advertisers with such beautiful talent. Erin from The Vintage Pearl makes some truly gorgeous stamped jewelry – you’ll be hooked after checking these out…

Know someone getting married? Celebrating a milestone anniversary? Or do you just really, really love your husband and want to tell the world? ;) This one quite literally made me say “Awww…” out loud:

(Click pictures to see more info.)8

The birds got me. Then I saw the little bitty heart charm. Gasp.

You’ll just die with this one – the title even made me all mushy:


It’s called “Mama Bird.” Could you just pass out from the cuteness of it? And the pearls indicate each child/grandchild. You can also have up to six letters stamped across the bird.


I love that Erin has so many font options. I love this one:


It’s so elegant. This would be great for a newly engaged or married couple or for a momma or grandma. The birthstones work for just about anyone. Heck, even my hubby would appreciate this. Maybe. Maybe not. Well, he should.

I want to buy Erin’s whole store. Get ready for this one:


Do you SEE the birds? Do you SEE how dainty and cute they are? My Dad and stepmom have seven of us between them, and all of our names would fit on this one. That’s usually impossible. :)

The next two stopped me in my tracks and brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m leaving my sweet Bub tomorrow for two days or what, but I welled up:hammeredstarMy son’s nursery has little accents of stars throughout…in the bedding, on the walls here and there…just hints of them. For some reason this one hit me hard. :) We are transitioning to a big boy room and I SO don’t want to let go of those sweet stars!!

This necklace I’ve already ordered, because it says it all so perfectly and simply. I just can’t say much more about it:


My son’s initial will go in the middle. Sniffles.

Erin also creates beautiful bracelets:

CircleChainBraceletAnd other gift items like these baby spoons:


And this simply adorable keychain:


This one is a great option for a Father’s Day gift because the keychain also comes in a round shape and you can customize the phrase. I love this!

What great gifts for friends, Mother’s Day, weddings, showers, new babies…all those wonderful people and events that make the world go round! Sniff!!!

Erin has graciously offered one of YOU a $50 gift certificate to spend how you wish at The Vintage Pearl. Woohoo!

For your first entry, leave a comment here. For a second chance, visit Erin’s site and find your favorite item, then come back here and tell me the name of that item in another comment.

This giveaway will be open until Monday at noon (Eastern time).

I’m off to Blissdom tomorrow, as long as the ice and snow hold off long enough for me to get on the plane and take off. (Dang weather!!) I am so excited to finally meet some of my bloggy friends!

Then we will be cheering on THE HORSE on Sunday…so I will be back Monday with the winner.

That would be the Colts. (Bah duh bum!) Oh, and one of you. ;)

Have a great one!


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