Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decor inspiration

OK, these are going to be the worst pictures in the history of this blog, but I couldn’t resist showing you some of the fun ideas I saw at the design home at the Indy Home Show today.

I was trying to take better pictures, but the people behind me were getting incredibly annoyed at the woman (uhh, me) taking pictures of every. single. thing., so I was trying to be quick.  :)

Don’t they know how important it is that I share this stuff with you?! My peeps? My Squeezays?

Anyway, here are just a few of the incredible decorations they used in the house…

A mirror surrounded by pipes:


You would need about 100 pipes for this, but the idea is what is inspiring – you could use just about anything you have in large quantity. Some hot glue and you are set!

I’ve seen these before, but I bet you could make your own with a lamp kit:


If real books wouldn’t work, I bet faux books would.

This chair was just lovely, and I loved the contrast of the dark pillow with it:

005I remember seeing shelves like these growing up – and here they look updated just because of the way they are accessorized:


I love how they used the letters throughout, the books on their sides, stacked up and facing forward:


This kitchen window treatment is hung from a door knocker:


I love that! I have a knocker I never used and now I want to do this – just have to find a window!  :)

I love using things in new ways – this is a bread box!:

010Isn’t that brilliant?! You can’t use it for storage (maybe you could hang things inside?) but it sure is cool. Do you know how many of these I’ve passed up at Goodwill?

This was simple “art” -- pages from a book layered with typography, layered with a frame:


I am so tempted to use Scrabble tiles for something like this. We have a Scrabble game that we haven’t played in years. But I just know the day I use the tiles one of us will get a wild hair to play the stinkin’ game. :)

This looks vintage just because of the photos used on it, but I doubt it is:

015Anyone got a contact at the floral department so I can snag one of these little card holders to put beautiful old photos in? Hmmm?

The laundry room had a window treatment that was dressed up with very simple items:


Buttons added along the bottom, and clothes pins on the top. Adorable!

Oh, what a great idea for a message board:


An old frame, distressed, and chicken wire secured to the back. What an inexpensive project! Perfect for a vintage touch in a kitchen too.

I doubt this gate is real, (like from a farm real) but it looks like it:


Take old wood (or new wood, distressed) and connect together. Paint whatever you want on the front – what a fab headboard this would be, with a large monogram on it?

Not sure if these came like this or not, but they got me thinking:

  023 024 025

Any similar container with vinyl lettering would give the same look. (And probably way less than if you bought them this way!)

A table cut in half became art:

026I couldn’t figure out what was different about these tiles at first:

031And then it hit me – the grout is RED. It was a kid’s bathroom and the accessories were all red, so it actually looked really, really cool.

And I love how they used a swing arm lamp as an overhead light for the mirror!:


The boy’s room was Lego themed, and after looking at the bed for a few seconds, I realized it looked Legos simply because of the round discs that were glue on and painted the same color:

033How easy is that?

They used an old chunky door and then hung the TV on it:


I love old doors, yes I do.

Oh, hello Peyton!

036Getting ready I see!  ;)

This home was decorated by The Inside Job design firm – they never fail to showcase fun, unique ideas that are easy to replicate!

I was going to show you the stairs tonight, but my father-in-law is coming tomorrow to work on the sanding a bit more. I will update you after they are done!  I decided on the stain I’m going to use on the treads – it’s going to be geeeeooorgeous!!! Ack!!

Check out the links at the Before and After party! Fabulous ideas all over the place! You all are so inspiring!

P.S. For those of you who asked about the hiding the TV cords – yes, you drill another hole down the wall, level with the outlet – then take the cords and put them through the top hole and pull them back through the bottom one, then plug in and connect to the receiver, DVD player, etc. It really is easy, I swear!!


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