Sunday, November 2, 2008

If you can't beat them, join them.

I swear Duane Reade had their Christmas decorations up even before the Halloween candy was out. The race to be the first annoys me every year. I like to finish one holiday before I begin the next but there is no getting away from the holiday catalogs which is why I especially loved the Neue Galerie design shop catalog. They have beautiful gifts for sale with no sign of Christmas which makes it perfect for whatever holiday you celebrate. The vases above would be lovely for flowers or a topiary. They also sell gorgeous Biedermeier wallpaper.

The Rene Desk Lamp was inspired by Josef Hoffman but was designed by Michael Graves.

The I Tondi Service was designed in 1901-02 by Jutta Sika but looks like it could have been made today.

Even the hund can have a new carrier and coat.

The facsimile copy of Egon Schiele's sketchbook from 1910-13 would be the perfect gift for any art lover.

The Golden Morning cups were inspired by an 1835 design and come as a set of six in a Biedermeier fabric covered box.

A great stocking stuffer are the journals and fabric covered notebooks. I think I might have to buy a few for myself and some artistic friends. The Neue Galerie also carries amazing pieces from Eva Zeisal and many others. Happy Holidays!


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