Monday, May 10, 2010

Before and After Party! (A chair redo)

I thought it was high time I showed you the after of the chair I redid for the IndyStyle show last month! It was quite the transformation – from totally-disgusting-I-can’t-believe-I’m-touching-this to ooh la la, I would totally sit my behind on that!

I didn’t take pictures of the whole process but luckily I’ve shown you how to do this before, so I stole pics from this old post. ;)

Let’s start with the obligatory before picture:

009I know. Grody. It was only $3.99 at Goodwill and I thought the lines of it were lovely – I knew I could make it beautiful!

Here’s a closer picture of the seat:


Awww yeah…blown up big for you to appreciate the high level of grody.

The chair was laminate, so I lightly sanded it to start. And when I say lightly, I mean – quick like a rabbit because I HATE sanding. Then I wiped it down, and used a spray primer to get in all the nooks.

I let it cure for a day, then used my Heirloom White spray paint to finish it off – just one coat was all I needed with the primer as the base!

Because the foam on the old chair was pretty much non-existent, I cut out some new foam by just taking the seat off (unscrew from the bottom) then, laying it on foam and tracing it out like I showed you last year:

DSC09872You know what’s crazy weird? When I showed how to do this last time, it was almost exactly a year ago. Freaky!

I sprayed the foam and the wood seat with spray adhesive, then just placed the foam on top of the wood. Usually I use batting next, and staple it underneath the seat to secure it:

DSC09878For this seat I used extra muslin I had laying around – it’s way cheaper than batting and does the job! You just want anything that will hold the foam in place.

Then you do the same process with your fabric – stapling around the bottom. (Again, this pic is from an old post):

DSC09879Be sure to leave enough fabric all the way around so you can’t see the edge of it when you put it back on the chair. Like this:


Not this:

DSC09916;) I’ve made the mistake a couple times. Learn from my mistakes Squeezies!!

I picked out a really fun, funky fabric for the seat – you need very little to cover a chair! It now sits in our master closet:

046No, that’s not our closet -- I tried to find a good spot to take a picture after dark and it just doesn’t exist. Sorry for the fantastically awful pictures!

The new light color shows off the pretty lines of the chair:

048And the seat fabric is perfectly precious and it’s got some cush for the tush now as well. Perfect spot to put on socks in the closet.  :)

So here’s this month’s before and after for your viewing pleasure:



My $6 chair – $4 for the chair, $2 for the fabric. (I had the foam, spray paint and muslin.):


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