Sunday, May 23, 2010

36 hours in NYC


Well howdy! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Ours was a whirlwind!

My hubby and I took a little “jaunt” to New York City with a few friends for the weekend. Actually, it was a business trip for hubby and some of his coworkers, and I tagged along. A trip to NYC is non-negotiable. This wife is going, every. single. time.  :)

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know New York is my favorite place on earth, besides home. My hubs took me there almost ten years ago for my first trip (just two weeks before 9-11) and I feel in love at first sight.

Even before I had ever been there, I knew I would love New York. It did not disappoint. And every trip since, I fall in love more and more. We love the city so much, we got married there.  ;) Needless to say, I have an emotional attachment to NYC, and I miss it so very much when I’ve been away for too long!

We got in Friday morning and left late Saturday afternoon, so it was a very quick trip. I was still able to take about 150 pictures in 36 short hours though! I thought I would share some of the city I love with you…

The one place I’ve never been in NYC that I’ve wanted to visit every time (and we never get to it) is Grand Central Station. Imagine my glee when we pulled up to our hotel and it was right next door!:

gcsIt was all I had dreamed and more!:

Part of my fascination with the city is the beautiful architecture everywhere you look. The detail inside and outside the older buildings is fantastic. I can’t get enough of it!!

A hotel staff member took us on a quick tour and told us a story about the ceiling -- it is stunning – painted blue with all of the astrological signs:

ceilingSigh. Seriously. Do you see all that detail? Excuse me while I SWOON. Anyhoo, notice the little spot the arrow is pointing to? (I added the arrow, by the way. :) ) Turns out smoking was allowed inside for so long, the ceiling and stone used to be the color you see in that little spot.

Ummm, EWW. From what we were told, they didn’t even know the ceiling was painted as it was, until they meticulously cleaned all of it. The dirty spot was left next to the Cancer sign as a little subliminal message.  :)

No other place makes me feel as energized as Times Square:

The city has shut down a couple streets in Times Square to traffic, and it was pretty awesome:

Times Square at night is sensory overload (in a really good way). I’ve never seen this many people there before – it was crazy Friday night! They have tables and chairs out in the “streets” now and it’s just so cool.

Every time we’re in NYC, we have to get to Roxy’s:


But we don’t go for the amazing sandwiches – we go for this:


Cheesecake as. big. as. your. head. My pick this time – apple caramel streusel cheesecake. Just looking at the picture has me salivating all over again. Yummo, it was delish!

One of our favorite spots in Times Square is the massive Toys R Us store:


We’ve decided we’ll take the Bub to the city soon and we’re pretty sure we could kill half a day just in here. :) The massive Ferris wheel greets you when you walk in:


And the magic for grown women the kiddies just keeps going:

087 088 090


I feel six years old all over again every time I walk in here!

We saw the musical Promises Promises this trip. I think it’s the first time we haven’t seen Wicked since it’s been on Broadway. Sean Hayes (from Will and Grace) and Kristen Chenoweth (from Glee, Wicked) were the leads and it was FUNNY.

Of course, my eyes wandered to the magnificent theater:

Now, that’s a light fixture.  ;)

Dare I say it – I even love the subway. The subway smell is something you never forget. I don’t think it smells bad…it’s just that smell:

subwayIn all the years we’ve visited, we have never seen an infamous ‘rat in the subway’ – until this trip. We counted at least six. I have pictures but I didn’t want to freak anyone out with the beady eyes! (A few were honkers.) I’m thinking the city is spending their bucks on more important things instead of the rats lately.  :)

We spent a few hours in Little Italy:

little italy

The street was shut down here as well, and it was magical. It always amazes us how there can be restaurant after restaurant after restaurant down the street, all serving Italian – and they are all PACKED!

The store fronts are beautiful:


Da Nico is a favorite of ours -- every time we visit we eat there for at least one meal. And every trip, a very sweet, 90-something Italian woman named Lucy has been sitting out front. My stepdaughter and her friends would get a picture with her every year. She told us the key to her long life was lots of pasta and lots of wine.

If she’s right, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to live till 100.  :)

We didn’t see Lucy this time though. I’m hoping she’s doing OK and the pasta is keeping her going!

Every time I see some of the city’s finest, there’s a slight tug at my heart:

It still makes my heart ache.

I’m so thrilled that I’ll be going back to this lovely city at least two more times this year – and the next trip is only a few weeks away! This time it’ll be with girlfriends, and I cannot wait!!

Because I am so inspired by the beauty that is everywhere in New York, the pictures I take there are some of my all time favorites. I played around with a few of my faves from this trip – now I just need to find the perfect spot for them!:

Grand Central lights

Grand Central Station

Little Italy ironwork Little Italy If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit New York City – I urge you to go. It is ALIVE. And it makes you feel that way too!

I’ll be back with a kitchen update tomorrow!


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