Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Organization bliss

**Edited to add: I got the organizer from Target, in the electronics section. LURVE.

While I work on the kitchen redo, I’m still working on things here and there in our office as well . I was reeeeally hoping to share my desk redo tonight, but it’s taking foreva and a day to paint. More on that soon!

Add in a trillion trips to Home Depot for the kitchen, and it’s taking even longer.  ;) But I’m not complaining!!

Tonight I had to share a quick organization dilemma that was solved for me today. Can you hear the GIDDY in my voice??

Most of you know we have a three-year-old. This sweet three-year-old loves movies. I also have a sweet hubby who likes to buy movies for our boy. I may be a little lot guilty of this as well, but because I can, I’m going to blame him.  :)

Anyhoo, lots of DVDs means our family room looks like this every time the Bub wants to watch a movie:

OK, I exaggerate. Just a tad. But it’s annoying. You know how toddler’s roll – finding a movie is usually an act of “fling every single DVD out like your life depends on it.” So the family room floor is covered with these plastic cases daily – whether we watch something that day or not. (How does that happen?)

We have a great kiddo who loves to help pick them up, but it still gets old after a while, you know what I’m saying? If I step on one more open DVD case…

Enter this glorious $20 contraption:

DVD organizer

I know 90 percent of you have one of these are are all, UH…DUH. But I’ve never used one until today.

And all is right with the world.

My Peanut even helped me put them all in there – he was so excited. It was a bit thrilling for me to see the organization nut coming out of him. It would be a bit freaky for anyone else, but for this Momma…PROUD.

Isn’t it beautiful?? Stunning really. This baby hold something like 150 movies. I thought we’d be set with this for quite a while, until I started filling it up and realized it’s almost half full. And that doesn’t even count all the movies still hidden under the sofas and the TV stand!

Imagine 70 something little plastic cases piled on the floor every. single. day. Ack! Drives me to drink chocolate milk.

Because I am me, and me is a fruit loop, I even cut out the cover of each DVD to put behind the disc:

(Is anyone else SO excited for the new Toy Story to come out?!)

I figure it will be a game of matching for the Bub. It has nothing to do with my weird organizing obsession. Nothing at all. Zero.

Now, I have to take all of these to be recycled:


And find something else to put in these baskets in the entertainment center:


Gloriously EMPTY!

I thought for a minute I would use them for something other than toys, but then I heard myself laughing…at myself...

Like that would ever happen.

So tell me, have you found any great organization goodies lately?


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